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What's really going on in PTSD brains? Experts suggest new theory

October 7, 2016

Source: University of Michigan Health System

The article is quite long; below, I've copied the summary for it and provided the location of the entire article from the website.

Summary: PTSD experts agree that the condition has its roots in very real, physical processes within the brain – and not some sort of psychological “weakness”. But no clear consensus has emerged about what exactly has gone “wrong” in the brain. A new theory that integrates decades of research focuses on a key function called context processing. [From]

January 16, 2017: I'd like to do some exploring and get an idea to what degree art has been used in conjunction with other therapies to treat PTSD in military veterans. I've thought of contacting the local Veteran's Administration (VA) office to see if they have now, or in the past, any type of art workshops, programs, etc., available to our veterans. I can imagine a fair amount of variety of mediums to be available, according to the interests of the participants. I certainly see hand-drumming as potentially being a very helpful modality for the release of tension, strain, and anger -- drums can be hit very hard without injury! I can also envision the use of mandala drawing and coloring, pottery, and collage making as a few other potentially strong options for assisting the participants in accessing, processing, and coping with their range of emotions.

Below are some military PTSD forums I've found, but not located the right one/opportunity for me to personally post yet. Perhaps I'm not comfortable posting on these because of my own background as a military wife, and/or it's because of the nature of this topic, or having seen specifically on one of the sites: For combat veterans with PTSD ONLY!! .............. ............. .............

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