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Counselor's Job Description: work with individuals to improve their mental health. May also work with students to help them figure out their education and career plan.

They help guide their clients to success in their careers and/or relationships.

Counselors work schedule is typically very busy, working full time is normal for this career. Since they work through the year, they usually make around $43,190 a year.

As of 2015, counselors made $43,190 a year.

Counselors can work in different environments. Different types of counselors work in different places. For example, the types of counselors are school counselors who work in schools, and mental health counselors who work in hospitals, and mental health centers. The video below shows how counselling can help different types of people struggling with different types of things.

Even though counselors help their clients by talking to them, this may still arise problems. Some clients may become overly attached to their counselor. This can be fixed by talking to them, and taking a break from the therapy.

"I get people to love themselves unconditionally, no matter who loves them," -Albert Ellis

Retirement benefits are one good part of being a counselor

Depending on where you work, and who you work for determines your benefits. Every company is different.

In order to be a counselor, you must have a bachelors degree, major in psychology, have your masters degree, and apply for your provisional license.

Lastly, in order to succeed in this field you must have certain skills. You must be empathetic, be able to critically think, have good communication skills, set certain boundaries, and have business management skills.


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