Koalas By Kaia Chan

You see a Phascolaractos Cinereus sleeping on a eucalyptus tree. Wait, what's a Phascolaractos Cinereus in the first place? That's the scientific name for a koala. Koalas are eye catching creatures. There are many interesting facts about koalas.

Koalas are protected creatures by the law but their numbers are still decreasing because of disease, wild dog attacks, car run-overs, and habitat loss. All of this would stress out a koala and during times of stress, koalas breakout in a disease called Chlamydia. This weakens the immune system which protects you from bacteria and viruses. Chlamydia can also cause blindness and not being able to reproduce for female koalas. And sometimes, this disease can be fatal. AFK (Australian Koala Foundation) named these creatures as "vulnerable" in 2012 but sadly that didn't really help the koala population get larger. This is important to know because according to the AFK, the koala is worth $1.1 billion & 9000 jobs. AFK has also estimated that around 4000 koalas die each year from wild dog attacks and cars alone.

Koalas are one of the three mammals that can survive on eucalyptus leaves. This means that the koala is a vegetarian. This unique mammal adapted to only eating eucalyptus leaves, this is extremely hard considering that these are poor quality leaves, they are indigestible, and according the the North Carolina State University, these leaves are definitely poisonous but if they are eaten little by little then are not poisonous. If you decide to eat a eucalyptus leaf, terrible things can happen. So don't eat a eucalyptus leaf. http://www.livestrong.com/article/269219-are-eucalyptus-leaves-poisonous-to-children/

"If too much is ingested, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can result. It is possible for an overdose to cause a coma."
Koala sleeping in a tree.

Glossary And Fun Facts

  • Did you know that another name for the eucalyptus tree is a gum tree?
  • The koala's brain weighs 0.2% of it's body weight.
  • 80% of a koala's life is spent sleeping in a tree.
  • Koalas are nocturnal.
  • Phascolaractos Cinereus is the scientific name for a koala.
  • Koalas only climb down trees to change to a different tree.
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