The House On Berlin Street Kathaleen Luangamath

My Name

My name, is something that other people use more than I do. When you are born you are never thinking about the name you have received instead it isn’t until much later that you fully comprehend your name. I don't think I fully understand why my parents decide to name me. I was named after my Mom’s best friend. No expectations there. That’s just the surface as to why I was named Kathaleen.

You might be wondering how I got that extra vowel in my name. That’s kind of a interesting story. As you might know I was named after my Mom’s best friend. My uncle used to sing this song to her everytime she came over. The way the song was sang has an extra vowel. Now to the part where my name is forever changed. My Dad decided that Kathaleen was to basic and that his special daughter should have a special name. I’m duly noting that I could’ve been named something far worse than Kathaleen. Anyway my Dad decided that Kathleen was not right for me he remembered that song and demanded that my name be like this. I wish it was normal and it was just spelled kathleen or Grace something that isn’t such a mouthful.

My name has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people. In greek it means pure. Once again no great expectations there. I think that it will be a long journey to live up to my name. Pure...that’s hard to find in a world where everything can be twisted out of shape by people who want to make it evil. It don't really know why my Mom decided to give me such high expectations. I don't know why I wasn’t named something like Genevieve or Elena. My Mom has always told me I was destined for great things. Kind of corny right. Who really knows if I will live up to my high expectations I certainly don't or at least not right now

Walking down the Asile

From the title you might be thinking you might be a little young to be getting married. Trust me it wasn’t me getting Married that day. It was January 1st and it was a life defining moment for me so far I guess. That day started like any normal day, but a little more chaotic. We want to the church. I don't think I was taking it all in that day it was more like a dream. It wasn’t till afterward when I realized what had happened.

After I got to the church I went to get my hair done. Personally it wasn’t my best choice to put my hair to do the side that day/ We had planned to each plant a seed in the same pot and watch it grow. Do you know how long it takes for a plant to grow, 7-10 days. That’s how long until we all realized the problems that we had.

The first thing was that we all lived in different houses for a month. Not to mention the fact that we lived 4 states away from each other. That meant that one of us had to move, of course we had to be the one the that moved. Moving of course was harder than to walk down the aisle and say I do.


Waffle House. Lion King. I crazy way to end my last weekend in Atlanta. My last weekend in Atlanta was spent with all of my friends. That week was the week at my school where we did our play the Lion King. It was the best week of my life. I played Nala. My friends play Timon, pumba, and other characters you probably don't know the name of. That week that play all brought us closer together even though we all knew that this was the last week all of us would be together.

So you are probably wondering what Waffle House would fit into this. After our final show we all decided to go out to eat at Waffle House for our final goodbyes. After that we all drove back to our houses. My best friend Bella was the hardest to say Goodbye to. We spent the last three years together only living a few houses away. I accepted the fact that I would probably never see her again. I said a quick goodbye. Moving a lot is hard, but what’s a girl to due instead of pack up and move.


The topics that I wrote about had a big impact on my life. They made me grow up and they taught me that not everything in the world is going to be good. That sometimes you have to learn that life will throw curve balls at you and you have to still be able to hit it out of the park. The topic that most affects my life is how they view Women. People objectify women and don't expect everything from them. I want to be treated the same I want to do great things in my life and I can’t if someone tells me I can’t. It just becomes harder.

Coming to age for me was when my mom didn’t answer all of questions anymore. It was the point in my life when I wanted to learn things for myself. You learn best by trial and error. I need to experience that for myself. That’s when I knew I was growing up. I thought the book can relate to everyone. Everyone had that point where they were forced to grow up. Overall I did enjoy the book I thought it was a great book to read, because the Author explains growing up in a way that not many people can explain.

Dream House

I want to live in this house, not only because my favorite book series takes place here but also because it's so old. Old house have stories written inside the walls. There are always stories to uncover and things to find. Also the scenery around it is breathtaking.

Created By
Kathaleen Luangamath


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