The Axolotl A walking fish


The Axolotl lives in freshwater lakes under New Mexico, such as Lake Xochimilco.


An Axolotl, being a carnivore, eat small fish, worms, insects, and just about anything else that can fit inside their mouth and swallow whole. This can also include other salamanders.


A mature adult axolotl, at age 18–24 months, ranges in length from 6–18 inches, although a size close to 9 inches is most common and greater than 12 inches is rare. Below is a video of an axolotl swimming around:

Axolotls as Pets

A baby Axolotl will cost around $20, and a grown Axolotl will cost about $35. A standard starter set up will cost about $85, including filter pump, gravel and tank pH test kit (larger rocks, plants and other ornaments may cost extra). More advanced and efficient filtration systems can cost up to $165. I personally would not recommend an Axolotl as a pet, only because they are very endangered creatures that deserve to live in their natural habitats.


  • Weight: 2.11-8 ounces
  • Speed: 10 miles per hour
  • Length: 6-12 inches
  • Life Span: 10-15 years
  • Classification: Amphibian
  • Endangered Status: Critically Endangered
  • Family Name: Ambystomatidae
  • Scientific Name: Ambystoma mexicanum



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