The Fight By: Lucas Lariviere

I have an eighteen-year-old brother. He is smaller than me, and not as easy going. Unfortunately, he has had a history of being bullied. The two of us have a love-hate relationship, like most brothers. We fight often and get mad at each other, but at the end of the day we are brothers, and we forgive and forget.

A few years ago he was riding his bike outside. He was minding his own business and just having fun. While he was riding a group of kids from the neighborhood came over to him and started to talk to him. At first, I didn’t think anything of it because my brother was friendly with many of them. Out of the blue one of the kids lunged at my brother. Then, all of a sudden this kid pushed him to the ground. That’s when I jumped up and ran outside. I started to yell at the kids to stop, and I pushed them back. They pushed my brother down again, but this time a kid got on top of him and started to beat on him for no reason. I saw his hand come back, so I grabbed it. I pushed him to the ground and away from my brother. The kid got up and walked away. Then I helped my brother up. He thanked me for helping him because that is not always how we roll, but my brother is my matter what.

As you can imagine there was some colorful language happening between the boys and us. It seemed to me that again he was being bullied for no reason. You see, my brother is different than me. He suffers from anxiety and gets nervous easily about... everything. He also has difficulty making and keeping friends. Whenever he makes a friend it seems like two months later they don't care for each other anymore. I had to defend him no matter what it took. Not only did I help him because he is my brother, but because I knew it was the right thing to do. He must have felt very bad and confused that the people that he once called friends decided to hurt him for no reason. They just came over and attacked him without being provoked. The whole situation, from beginning to end was stupid and confusing, and didn’t make sense. I know that I was confused, and angry too. I felt bad for my brother that this had happened to him.

This situation impacted my life in a big way. It has made me feel like anytime I see someone in need, that I need to help them in anyway possible. It is important for me to respond to those that are being bullied, and try to make life easier for them. It has made me have a great deal of respect for my brother for being able to withstand beatings, cruel comments, and names directed at him and still become a successful member of society. I have learned many things in life from my brother. He has taught me to never give up, be determined, and always have confidence in yourself no matter what someone says. He has shown me that these simple lessons can be life changing. He is now a certified firefighter and obtaining his EMS certification. He has decided to dedicate his life to helping others. I am so proud of who he has become after all he experienced through his eighteen years. I will never forget the time that I stood up for him on that day, and I hope that defending him that day is one of the reasons for the man he has become today.

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