The Big Screen books your students will want after a long summer of watching (and anticipating) new film releases

It has been awhile since I surveyed the landscape of Hollywood to see what entertainment will be on the minds of students come fall. I have said it before (and will probably say it again!): I'm a big believer in finding the right books for each student to promote reading and literacy. If their minds dwell in the universes of their favorite films, I'm more than happy to meet them half way with the book version!

So, here are some titles to give you a jump-start on what students will be clamoring for when they return after a long summer at the cinema.

Let's start with some films that have already been released...

Grade 5-12; 9781785653780
2-5; 9780736437264
4-6; 9780316507547
4-6; 9780316438179

More blockbusters to come later this summer include...

7-12; 9780062740304
7-12; 9781849180382
4-6; 9781534400047
11-Adult; 9781501166112

Once the calendar flips from summer to fall, these are the movies that owe their existence to print (or vice versa):

11-Adult; 9781501182099
11-Adult; 9781250121462
10-Adult; 9780062073501
4-6; 9780375869020
4-6; 9781484787458

Finally, these films are still a ways out yet (December) but already generating some buzz...

PS-1; 9780448456942
3-12; 9781484780756
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