Noah Morris Commercial Art


Creativity to me is something that makes every individual unique. Creativity allows a person to use their imagination and original ideas to produce something great.

This is the first art class I have taken since middle school, so it is taking some time for me to get in touch with my creative side. I have enjoyed this process and look forward to more challenges down the road.

Personality Sketchbook

I chose to do a collage because I believe it is the best way to express myself.

2. I used a variety of colors for my sketch book cover. I used multiple colors because I wanted to make the cover pop and catch people's attention. I also used shapes. I cut out images from magazines, maps, and lollipop wrappers.

Mountain Gorilla Stance

I used two different colors (black, gray) to portray the mountain gorillas natural color

2. I decided to use a picture of a mountain gorilla in his standing position because this diplays the gorilla's toughness and ability to a strong primate.

I was assigned an explain everything presentation to show how the mountain gorilla is becoming one of the most extinct animals in the world.

2. I chose to use a ton of pictures in my explain everything presentation to show who the mountain gorilla is in its habitat. I used details that explain everything had to offer to show where the mountain gorilla lived.

The Beast Within

I used silk screen ink to paint a picture of a mountain gorilla sitting on a tree stump.

2. I decided to choose a cool picture of the mountain gorilla sitting on a tree stump looking into the horizon. The stance that the mountain gorilla is using really describes the physical stature they have (strong, muscular)


I decided to do the 2-D drawing to use bright colors to make my clothes stand out.

2. I used two main colors (blue, red) and benday dots to include Roy Lichtenstein in my project. I also outlined the borders of my face and shirt with black sharpie to enhance the lines.

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