Hoops Helping Hearts Team Ethan

Hi, our names are Mason and Madison Sabin. We wanted to create a fundraiser because our big brother Ethan had Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome and February 12th would have been his 10th Birthday . This fundraiser is going to collect money for the people who have heart diseases and help research their causes and buy expensive equipment that people with sick hearts need. It’s also cool because February is Heart Month and having people get some exercise and shoot some hoops is good for their hearts, too.

All of the money we collect is going to the American Heart Association so that they can help people with sick hearts, even some like my brother. Please help me by encouraging your friends, family and neighbors to pledge donations for you.

Then, on February 25th, we will have a fun event where there will be lots of hoops made, giveaway prizes, and other fun surprises! All you have to do is ask or (beg) for money from adults to sponsor you, come to Cashman Park on February 25th, and shoot hoops and have some fun!

If you can come, that would be awesome! Who knows...there may be some BIG prizes for the kids that get the most money pledged to our Team Ethan American Heart Association website??

Save the Date for Sunday, February 25th at Cashman Park, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sincerely yours,

Mason and Madison Sabin

P.S. I had to write this for Madison because she is only five and she doesn’t know how to type yet.

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