Biogeochemical Cycles mCclure Thompson

The Water Cycle

The Ocean is heated up by the sun. Then some of it evaporates into the air. Rising air current raises the water vapor into the air. The vapor rises into the air where cooler temperatures. Currents move the clouds around, the cloud particles collide, and precipitation falls out of the sky. Most precipitation runs back off into the ocean or onto land. Not all of if runs back some replenishes the land.

Water cycle

The Carbon Cycle

Plants use carbon dioxide for food and grow. Plants that die become fossil fuels. They replenish and make the ground fertile. During photosynthesis plants use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.


The Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Fixation is when special bacteria convert the nitrogen gas to ammonia so the plants an use it. Nitrification is the process when ammonia converts into nitrite ion.

The Nitrogen cycle

The phosphorus cycle

Phosphorus moves through rocks,soil, sediments, and organisms. Through time, weathering cause rocks to release phosphate ions and other minerals. Inorganic phosphatere then distributed in soils and water.

The Phosphorus cycle

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