Weitian Tong CAS Highlights

We want to give congratulations on completing his first year at EMU to Dr. Weitian Tong! Dr. Tong is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and has been at EMU since last Fall. He teaches Program Languages, Algorithm Designs, Big Data, and AI. Because of COVID-19, he took the opportunity to assign class projects that analyze the pandemic using CS techniques. He explained, “Some students used big data tools to predict how much it would spread and some students would use heat maps to show how many cases across the US and across MI.” Dr. Tong's research focuses on the design of efficient algorithms for code optimization problems in data science. One of the problems Dr. Tong has solved using his research related to Cloud Computing and Data Science. Cloud Computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources without direct active management by the user. “Because millions of people use these services, how do you schedule the tasks for different users? How do you choose who goes first or second? This is the task scheduling problem that I solved and I published the results” said Dr. Tong. He published several papers on the well-known journals such as European Journal of Operational Research and Journal of Scheduling. Dr. Tong also actively involves students in his research. Some research problems that he has been working on with students are: Using machine learning to interpolate air quality in Michigan; using big data to predict crop yields in Bay County, Michigan; and creating an expanded agency model using deterrents to enforce truthful behavior to figure out if smart contracts are reliable. These 3 students were selected to participate in the Undergraduate Symposium this year! Thank you Dr. Tong for your amazing work! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS