The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort

A memoir of Jordan Belfort, published on September 25, 2007. Jordan Belfort describes his story of success through abusing illegal methods of the stock market. He climbed to create the biggest empire on wall street by constructing a "boiler room" in order to abuse penny stocks with the "pump and dump" technique.

The setting of this novel takes place in New York City during the 1980s and 90s. In this time Jordan lived a lavish lifestyle filled with partying and adventures.

Through out his journey he struggles with starting out as a entry level apprentice stock broker who had to work hard in order to move his way up the food chain.

His baller lifestyle and his constant partying and recreational drug use proved to also be a taxing one on Jordan as you see his mental state to slowly degrade.

Belfort had a conflict between finding and keeping love with his wives and continuing to throw caution to the wind and keep up his party and drug filled reputation.

I liked how Belfort describes his actions, with his world choice convinced me to take his side and root for Belfort's "illegal" endeavors. I dislike the constant profanity, there is no break from the profane thoughts of Belfort.

I like the heavy focus on the assortment of drug cocktails that were a part of his life, it shows how real the world is and how drugs can take over your life. I dislike how his success was ended by him be convicted for using "illegal" techniques in building his empire.

The theme of this novel is success and the effects that can come with it. You can see how much money affects a man internally and the people around him.

Jordan Belfort now lives his days post-conviction as a motivation speaker who preaches on having the mentality of a wolf to achieve success in your life.

There is a movie depicting the events of the book where Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Jordan Belfort.

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