This week our focus story was called Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.Before reading the book we talked about owls and practiced making twit two sounds. We then put a blind fold on each of the children and they had to listen very carefully and guess who was making the sound.

They showed excellent listening skills and thoroughly enjoyed playing the game.

After the session we went on to make our own owls using different materials.

The children thought very carefully about their design and remembered to add important features.

I was really impressed to see three of the characters in the story, Sarah, Percy and Bill. Great job 👍

The children are becoming really familiar with our Talk for Writing story and retold it for the very first time using a story map. After the story of Penguin the children enjoyed painting their own.

We tried very hard to give our penguins a white feathery tummy...

...and some eyes and a beak.

In Mantle we had a visit from a parrot holding a rolled up piece of paper. When we had a closer look we realised that it was a treasure map. The children were really excited talking about what they thought the treasure might be, one of my favourites was when Zayan said, “Lots of chocolate coins.” We then went on to make our own maps. I hope they can lead us to the missing treasure!

Nursery have also been very busy making environmental art pictures outdoors using objects that reminded the children of autumn. They have been chopping and handling real food in the Home Corner as well as playing with lots of messy media.