President Questions 14-18 Nick DiCarlo

Why has the power of the President grown over the years? Need to use troops and solve foreign issues and conflicts, Make treaties and deal with foreign power, Foreign Affairs, wars on difficult to complete by a large body of 535 people. Congress is slow to move and even approve bills and actions, Executive needs in enforcing, executing laws can be handled in executive departments and agencies under the president, Each successive President has incrementally gained power over Congress, so gradually the power has increased a lot. Most people believe the President can declare war and makes rules and runs the navy or army, when in fact these are congressional powers, Executive Branch has become more unified than legislative branch

What is an executive order? What is an example? have the full force of law when they take authority from a legislative power which grants its power directly to the Executive by the Constitution, or are made pursuant to acts of Congress that explicitly delegate to president some degree of discretionary power. An example of an executive power is the power to declare wars.

What is an executive agreement? What is an example? agreement entered between a foreign government and the executive branch of the US, not as formal as a treaty and doesn't require Senate approval. An example is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

What is the War Powers Act? 1. President can send troops into harms way but must notify Congress within 48 hours and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days with an additional 30 days for withdrawal without approval from Congress. 2. passed to restrict President's power to commit troops and "declare" war. 3. most presidents have ignored it. 4. Obama tried to invoke war powers act and tried to get Congress to declare with ISIS and fighting in Syria. Congress has not acted on their own.

What is an Item Line Veto? taking out parts of the bill that you don't like and leaving the rest


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