Urban School Improvement By Caleb McKee

Urban Schools in America must be improved.

The Principal has the most impact on a school. For this reason, that principal must receive proper training to help his or her school grow.

Training in areas like financial budgeting will help the principal more efficiently find money for his school.

Better trained Principals will be able to help teachers effectively teach in their classroom. More experienced Principals will also hire better experienced teachers which will increase student learning.

Graduation is a key moment for both students and principals. The principals get to know that they have prepared their students for the future, and the students feel accomplished and ready to pursue the future.


Created with images by Grant Wickes - "Wasp Barcode Power Outage May 2012 Photo 010 by Grant Wickes" • ibutuma - "business meeting young" • danxoneil - "Memo-Writer With Sweeping Germanic Scenery Painting, Late 70s Public Relations, Pittsburgh, PA" • The People's Tribune - "Silex High School Graduation 2011"

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