Universal theme: Caring is one of the greater things in life
Of Mice And Men

"Lennie-If you jus' happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an' hide in the brush...hide in the brush till I come for you."

Lennie doesn't know the rights from wrongs leaving him to get in trouble over and over again, causing problems for George because he's the one to always be there for him to get him out. George has been with lennie and has been taking care of him for a long time so, He knows that Lennie doesn't mean any harm, but the fact is that he does harm and that why he gets in trouble. Steinbeck makes it clear George cares for Lennie because of the way George's character looks out for Lennie. For example in the qoute above when he tells George where to go if he does find himself in trouble, that way George can save lennie from getting into Trouble or even killed.

"You me. Ever'body gonna be nice to you. Ain't gonna be no more trouble. Nobody gonna hurt nobody nor steal from 'em." Lennie said " I thought you was mad at me, George." "No," said George. "No, Lennie. I ain't mad. I never been mad, an' I ain't now. That's a thing I want ya to know." The voices came close now. George raised the gun and listened to the voices. Lennie begged, "Les do it now. Let's get that place now." "Sure' right now. I gotta. We gotta." And George raised the gun and steadied it, and he brought the muzzle of it close to the back of lennies head. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger."

When George killed Lennie it was concidered a mercy kill. Before he rose the gun to his head he described to Lennie their dream place where they wanted to live. He told him about the chickens and the rabbits. He told him everything was gonna be okay. George made sure Lennie was happy and peaceful before he killed him. I believe only someone who really loves that person would do that.

The chrysanthemums

""They smell kinda funny till you get used to them," he said. "It's a good bitter smell," she retorted, "not nasty at all."

When you care for something you see it differently as everyone else does. She cared for the chrysanthemums so she defended them because she did. The chrysanthemums were important and meant something to her.

"His eyes left her face and fell to searching the ground. They roamed about until they came to the chrysanthemums bed where she had been working. "What's them plants, ma'am?" The irritation and resistance melted from Elisa's face. "Oh, those are my chrysanthemums, giant whites and yellows. I raise them every year, bigger than anybody around here,"

Elisa has no problem with showing off and talking about her chrysanthemums that she nicely grew. When Steinbeck write "The irritation and resistance melted from Elisa's face." Once the man brings up the chrysanthemums she get really passionate about talking about the flowers that she managed to be able to grow bigger every year as time went by. It seems that the flowers even get her into a positive attitude.


"We really can't do that, Mr. Gomez, the judge. Said finally. "You say he is a good boy. Just yesterday, he tried to kill a man. You must see that we cannot let him go loose. Sooner or later he will succeed in killing someone." After a short deliberation, he, committed Tularicito to the asylum for the criminally insane at Napa."

Franklin tried to protect tularicito as much as he could until he could. Knowing Tularecito is mentally handicapped, Franklin treats him with kindness and understanding. He appreciates and encourages his "talents" and love for nature. It was hard for franklin to have to send him away to an asylum because of how attached he got to him since he was small. But he did know that it was for the best.


One of the best things in life is being able to care for someone or have someone care about you. To worry, or even watch out for you sometimes. When you have that, you have something to live for and wake up to. Therefore I think Steinbeck did a good job at showing that even if it wasn't his intentions.

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