Galeras By: payton ackroyd Period5

Galeras is located in the South American continent

It's in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a stratovalcano. It's located on the South American plate.

In Columbia the geographic cordinants are 1.2219 N, 77.3592W

Galeras has been a on going volcano for the past 1 million years. First blast was 1535 and there has been multiple eruptions since

Elevation of 14,029ft

The V E I o galeras is 1-3

Most people who live at the base of the volcano won't leave. They have gotten many warnings. About 9,000 live at the base

One of the most active volcanos in Columbia. Eruptions started in the 16th century

Pastor is the small town west of the volcano. Nazea plate and the South America plate

The hazards of the volcano are fall out and lahars. Steep river damage

Population around volcano is 312,759 "Atriz Valley"

I think the next volcanic eruption will be in 10 years and will effect many people.

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