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My Bad Experience:

It was a typical summer vacation day where my friend, Josh, and I were playing basketball at my house. We played on a regular basis where he would come over or I would go over his house to improve our skills. This day, like most, started out the same, with both of us warming up before eventually playing a game of one on one. Unlike most games, however, our games consisted of us playing to a score of one hundred counting by twos and threes. Given that I knew I always wasn’t a perfect match against Josh, with him beating me nine out of ten times, I always put my best effort into possibly beating him. Like always, we started after we both felt we were ready and our game had begun once again.

We started out the same way as well, I kept pace with him until we both hit twenty but soon after he pulled away. Once we got into a sizable difference, we took a break until I could regather myself and potentially get back into the game. It was slightly past our usual “halftime” and i was slowly gaining an edge and felt that I had a chance of actually winning. Then, in the heat of the action, I thought I could get a quick steal when he briefly gave up the ball. I went to deflect the ball but accidentally caught the side of his head with my elbow. He went down immediately and I knew for sure that I got him pretty good.

He slowly got up a minute later and tried to shake his head to shake off the injury. I gave him a bottle of water to refresh himself and i thought for sure he had a concussion. He said let’s play again and I wasn’t sure if he was completely ok. We continued playing until we finished the game and he went back home. Of course he beat me once again by a significant amount. The next day, with the news I predicted, he texted me saying he got a concussion after checking at the doctors.

First Impressions

My family in India has many different personalities, from some that want center stage at any given moment, to some that feel that they are the odd ones out in the family. These ‘odd ones out’, are generally the ones that are more dependent on others than what is thought to be reasonable. This is likely because of tough financial times for these members of the family and thus they feel they are the odd ones out. As a result, they don’t speak much and are also kept alone. There is one uncle, however, that fits both categories and attempts to bridge the family together. Each time he visits, he greets the kids with ample amounts of candy, despite his horrible economic status. He also strikes up humorous conversations with other family members, further cementing his place in the family. What makes this uncle stand out is the fact that he doesn’t want to be considered an “odd one out” and his presence makes the mood brighter. By handing out candies to the little ones and by creating an enjoyable conversation, he is immediately accepted by the rest of the family, and is a role model for the many others who are in tough times.

My House

My parents had first arrived to the United States only a couple years before I was born. My dad had received a job related project out on the west coast in California and I was born there as well. Soon after, three years after I was born in San Francisco, my dad was offered a permanent job in Massachusetts and my life in Massachusetts had begun. When we were looking for our ideal house in Massachusetts, I had recently turned four and, with the personality I had back then, wanted to be the one that picked the house. When we reached Lancaster, the first house I spotted was the only house I wanted to live in. Little did I know back then that houses had to be on sale in order for us to purchase one, but I still picked the one that I liked, and luckily for my parents it was the one they liked too. And fortunately, it was the only one on sale in the neighborhood as well.

When we started moving in, the smell of the new house remained with me the most, even until this day. We moved into our house in the year 2005 and it was the first time we experienced New England winter and weather. Our first winter in the town of Lancaster was brutal. We hadn’t expected the cold, or even the snow for that matter, and we needed to adjust immediately. These few months really cement my memories of our house and reflect my first years in Lancaster, MA. My house is part of a quiet residential neighborhood which includes a select few friends as well. Surprisingly, this has defined my life at this house as well, dictating the fact that I have been a quiet individual and my selected friends are also well reserved and like-able. My house is a home to both my parents, my sister, and myself and has been apt for our family’s quiet and easy going lifestyle. My house has an open floor plan, the type that has high ceilings and a lot of open space. I kind of consider it as a mini mansion because of its spaciousness, but the space is not as big as a mansion. The open floor describes my family, due to the fact that we as a whole are very open and this openness brings us together. Another aspect of my house that truly defines my home is the fact that all of the main rooms of my house lead into another. The living room openly connects to the dining and kitchen areas and is also linked to a foyer that includes the main entrance to the house. Having a large and open living room, frankly, makes me feel the most at home as it connects all of our feelings and makes us united. The extra living space makes me feel comfortable and welcomed in the quiet, unspoken parts of a great town.


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