Through Albania and Beyond The end of a chapter

Hello Friends! I forgot to mention that after I finished school I will be traveling for three weeks slowly making my way home.

So where I left off last time. I went to Korçë with four other girls. We all got something done. Three girls got their hair cut and Nicole and I got our nails done. We had a fun time just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

My nails

This then bring us to the LAST WEEK! Oh, man.

On Sunday a group of about five girls went our for coffee with a lady from the church. This is the only photo I came away with.

A slightly blurry photo

On Monday we did our usual classes and such in the morning. In the afternoon though we went to a Foleza (where I tutored) party which was a joint birthday party/thanking us party. It was lots of fun to hang out with the kids for the next-to-last time!

Some of the kids that I tutored!

On Tuesday Prisca and I went to visit Kristina and Vasil one last time. We had a fun time trying to communicate in our limited Albanian, but it was a sweet time!

On Thursday we took a quick tour of the museum in Ersekë. That was quite fun for me. It is a well done museum, though you must go with an English speaking guide as everything is in Albanian.

I also packed during the afternoon this day!

My takeaway for the week

Then Friday was our last day. I had a really good last coffee with Nicole and Brailee on this morning. We had good conversations and are excited to see each other in June to celebrate Nicole's wedding! The evening this day was "graduation". I borrowed Anne's dress and she did my hair nicely!

Almost all of my dear friends!

And then the cooks who I came to dearly love and enjoyed saying hello to every day!

Mirveta and Mile
Moza and Elvira

On Saturday I headed up to Tirana with Amy. There we met Qiu Lei, who I spent about two and a half days with in Tirana. Qiu Lei and I were visited quite a few things around the center of Tirana including a beautiful old Mosque.

Then on Tuesday I hopped on a plane, said goodbye to Albania and hello to Estonia! I am in Estonia visiting an old student, Hanna, and her family. I've really enjoyed my time here. The country is beautiful and the little Estonian food I had most of it was pretty good. Today I got to go to one of the schools where Hanna teaches and talk about America, Kansas, homeschooling, and food! We gave the students a sample of PB&J, which most enjoyed. Anyway, to welcome me they had a slide of their electronic board and I was listed on their program for the "language week" that happened to be this week. It was a fun time. The photos of the buildings and such are from my walking around Tartu while Hanna was a work. Grete and I became fast friends!

Two more weeks of adventuring then I am home! I'll probably do one last post about my last travels and to post the end of the year video I made.

Until I see you friends!


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