Florida Musuem of Natural History

Nature on Display

While at the Florida Museum of Natural History I was thrown into an environment surrounded by birds and butterfly's living naturally in an unnatural environment. I found the butterfly exhibit to be my favorite exhibit while at the museum. I found this design to be appealing due to the butterfly's and different birds living and interacting with one another in an artificial setting that is designed to imitate their natural environment. This allowed me to observe wild life without infringing on their actual environment. I learned through this medium that butterfly's reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate and also that they depend up a variety of plants for nutritional purposes. I found my experience at the museum enjoyable because of the way I could view nature in a form where I am not destroying their environment in the process. I think that fact about the museum is what makes it special.

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Museum of Natural History allowed me to step outside my worldly boundaries and to take the time to fully admire nature. I was thrown into the butterfly exhibit and instantly noticed a connection and appreciation for nature. I felt a strong connection to nature and the urge to better my efforts in preserving nature for future generations. After seeing the skeleton of the wholly mammoth, I thought how it would be breath taking to see the mammoth alive in person and that it is a shame that humans helped drive them to extinction. Other people were as shocked and amazed as I was when seeing the different exhibits as they felt closer to nature. The Florida Museum of Natural History allows its visitors to connect with nature through the different exhibits it has. From seeing the mammoth to the butterfly exhibit, visitors are allowed to be up close and personal with nature both present and past. My experience did instill me to take better actions towards the environment as Leopold suggests. After seeing the skeleton of the mammoth and the alive butterfly's, I became determined to help preserve nature so that the next generations can experience the amazement I did when attending The Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Florida Museum of Natural History gave me the unique opportunity to step out of my ordinary life. One of the exhibits looked into a Native American tribe to allow the visitors to see what life was like and the challenges the tribe faced. Challenges such as where food, water, and shelter gave adversity to the Native American tribe. By seeing a Native American tribe, I was able to dive into a completely different culture and get a glimpse of diversity. Through seeing different cultures and learning about them, I am able to broaden my perspectives on life and humanity at large. This helps me appreciate the natural world more as I am not fully in my own bubble of my perspectives of the world. By observing other cultures, I challenge my own way of life and see how other cultures survived. This helps me to better understand the mystery of the natural world while stepping out of my comfort zone when viewing different cultures lifestyles.

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