Architecture Using a STEM approach in the Montessori classroom

Introducing a new set of materials to implement the study of architecture in the upper elementary classroom.

STEM - Architecture

Brings an open ended project based, inquiry approach on the study of architecture, and design.

Designed to keep Montessori updated with current educational implementation of science, technology, and engineering.

Current and relevant projects allow you to meet NGSS Standards

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards

while incorporating, history, language, technology, planning, art, and makerspace.

As with all of our modules in this series, it includes teacher's notes with introductory presentations and background information to give teachers the knowledge and confidence to present the materials and projects.

Included are explorations in the following areas:

  • NGSS & CC standards
  • What is STEM Education
  • Introduction to Time Periods - Ancient
  • Introduction to Time Periods - Christian
  • Introduction to Time Periods - Renaissance
  • Introduction to Time Periods - 18th and 19th Century
  • Introduction to Time Periods - Modern
  • Foundations - Activity 1
  • Load-Bearing Foundation - Activity 2
  • Earthquake-resistant Building - Activity 3
  • Foundations: Making Columns Preparatory - Activity 4
  • Let's Flood Origami! - Activity 5
  • Teddy Gets a Fort - Activity 6
  • Mini and Maxi Tents - Activity 7
  • The Plaza Arcade - Activity 8
  • Let's Build a Dike - Activity 9
  • Life without Our Dike - Activity 10
  • Bibliography for Picture Card References
  • Real World Applications (10 Activities)
  • Designing Houses - STEM Long Term Project

With an open ended inquiry approach the children are presented with opportunities to have in-depth conversations based on a spiraled set of explorations.

A STEM approach

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