Cattle Vanessa Block

Cattle today are mostly farm animals. But back in the ages, they had many more uses.

They have many resources, such as meat, hides, horns, and milk! Their meat can be used for food, their hides for clothing, their horns for weapons, and their milk for dairy, such as butter and cheese.

All of their strong muscle helps hawl heavy objects, such as carts or plows.

Cows usually give birth at under two years old. They usually have one or two calves in one birth and ten or more calves in their lifetime.

Mature bulls usually weigh between 1,000-4,000 pounds, whereas mature heifers usually weigh between 800-2,400 pounds.

Cows impacted the surplus of food and population in many ways. They had meat, hides, horns, and milk. They were draft animals, who could do work for humans without stress. They also gave birth at an early age, with a small possibility of two calves. Another reason is that their waste made a good fertilizer.


The hides of cows were used for shoes and clothing. These impacted technology because they made better clothing to stay warm, or better shoes to protect your feet. This could only be done with leather. They were also draft animals, and they haul plows and carts for humans.

Their teeth are built for tough vegetation so they can chew different grasses that make them stronger and healthier.

Their waste can be put to good use as a fertilizer for plants to prevent animals from eating the crops.

Not only is the meat from cows, eaten, but even the organs!


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