#SpringCESA6 Presidents' Day Summit 2019

The Goal

Re-energize nearly 3,000 educators and share new learning and ideas

Two Sites

Neenah and Slinger High Schools generously offered to host the inaugural #SpringCESA6.

Student Musicians

Incredible music opened our events and grounded us in our mission: our students.

A Slinger High School student got a standing ovation after performing a song that won the school talent show.

24 Districts

District leaders shared their pride, and host Superintendents Dr. Mary Pfeiffer of Neenah and Daren Sievers of Slinger gave opening remarks.

Be Buffalo

CESA 6 CEO Ted Neitzke rallied educators to have a buffalo mindset in optimistically charging toward challenges and finding solutions.

4 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Richard Cash and and LaVonna Roth were the morning keynote speakers, and Kenneth Williams and Tom Hierck presented after lunch.

LaVonna Roth

Every child is gifted. The question is how.


50+ Break-Out Sessions

District staff got to choose 4 break-out sessions from a menu of more than 50, with topics ranging from assessments and gamified experiences to IEP progress monitoring and learner-centered strategies.


One of CESA 6's Core Values is Stewardship. The cost per attendee for this full-day of high-quality professional development? $6.50 - the cost of lunch.

BIG THANKS to our sponsor, CM Regent Insurance Company!
Thanks to FIRST Educational Resources for its PD partnership!

The Why

Keynote speaker Tom Hierck reminded us why we entered this profession.

What do you make?
I'm a teacher, and I make a difference.

Learning Never Ends

Two more break-out sessions closed out the day of ideas and inspiration.

Michael Matera showed how to build immersive, gamified learning experiences to engage Gen Z youth.

Power of Relationships

Greg Wolcott talked about research that shows strong teacher-student and best friend relationships help raise student achievement.

When relationships nourish, students flourish!

Living with Balance

Jessica Johnson coached on how to practice self-care and balance personal and professional.

Immerse yourself in what you enjoy as much as possible.


Thanks to all CESA 6 staff who planned and ran the event.

And thanks to all who attended - we hope you got value from it!


Photos courtesy of Studio 708/Tim Neubauer and Lisa Sink