War of the Roses Amber Stevens

The Houses and the brother on both sides
Henry the VI vs. Edward the IV

Herny had scoliosis, he also was accused of murder of the 2 princes

The 3D model for Henry III

The darkness of death

The 3D model of Henry the III's face

The statue of Henry the III holding the crown of roses


Created with images by londondesigner.com - "Think He Got The Point | Re-enactment of the Second Battle of St Albans." • ell brown - "L'Eglise de la Madeleine and La fontaine des Prêcheurs - Place des Prêcheurs- Aix-en-Provence" • CircaSassy - "A child's history of England (1897)" • ell brown - "White Marble Freize: Nelson's triumph at the battle of Cape St Vincent - Triton Square, London" • p_a_h - "Model of Richard III's skeleton" • p_a_h - "Model of Richard III's skeleton" • christopheradams - "Staircase to Richard III Museum" • jmmcdgll - "Richard III reconstruction" • pedrosimoes7 - ""Se vão da lei da morte libertando" (Luis de Camões)" • p_a_h - "Richard III"

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