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Access Africa Magazine is not only for those that want inspiration and motivation, it is also for those that just want to keep up with their favorite African celebrities. Those that look forward to updates from their role models or their favorite authors, writers, actors, singers, and the list goes on. Delve into their lives and learn what it means to create. Walk with them on their journey and learn from them as much as you can. Be the first to know all the latest information on their careers, lives and family. Don’t just hear or read their stories, take part in them!

A place where their voices can call out clear to those that are willing to listen and be inspired. A African can find role models by reading stories of Africans who had achieved or who are doing something positive in the community or in the world. Many students and young kids in Africa today are unaware of their potential and the things they can achieve

Have you ever wondered the celebrity life here in Africa? Have you ever wondered about what Africans are making not only in Africa but all around the world? Africa has some of the brightest and most inspired minds you will ever see

Does the world care about what we do?

Do we have to work hard to impress other

Ppl who try to impress other are those who are trying to find their own.

Knowing ourself? How much are we wealth? Are we worthy of anything?

If we can give ourself positive answers in all these area, we will stop expecting other to validate us.

I'm a great person, damn I feel good today: compliment yourself everyday. Life is sweet if you: yourself can look in the mirror and say, yes I was great today.

Don't mistaken this as being selfish but no one knows you better than yourself. We have to love our self in order for other to love us the way we desire. The love of desire:

Making the world a better place, it's begin with us. ___Anthony_______

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