Pollution Problems BY: Madison Baker and Ella Kate Harris

Pollution can kill 40% of people and is causing irreparable damage.

Water pollution is caused by oil spills,trash,chemicals,etc.It can kill over 182 animals
Noise pollution causes approximately 210,00 deaths in Europe each year.
40% of American river's are way too polluted for fishing,swimming,or aquatic life. The ground is also turning into a desert because of soil pollution and arable land is getting lost to pollution and erosion. The water we drink, the air we breath, the soil we use to grow the food we eat, noise, the lit up skies, and more could have pollution in or on it.
Cars, trucks, factories, fossil fuels, ship, etc. all cause pollution.
Pollution is so dangerous people had to wear face mask to keep pollution out of there lungs.
One little car can cause a lot of pollution.
Air pollution can kill more people then water pollution,land pollution, or pollution.
Water is the most threatened.

You can find these facts and more at EPA.gov or WWW.everythingconnects.org/pollution.html.


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