TheHistory Behind the Odyssey

The Trojan War

It was a conflict between Greece and Troy that began around 1200 BC. Melelaus recruited the armies of allied kingdoms to attack Troy and to recover his wife. After a while Odysseus sent a giant wooden horse to gain entrance into Troy during the Trojan War.

How did the War Start and End?

The war began after the Trojan prince Paris abducted Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. When Menelaus demanded her return, the Trojans refused. Menelaus then persuaded his brother to lead an army against Troy. Finally the Greeks built a large hollow woooden horse in which a small group of warriors were concealed. The othe Greeks sailed home to make it seem like they left and only left behind the house and sinon, who deceitfully persuaded the Trojans, despite the warnings to take the horse within the city walls. At night the Greeks returned; their companions crept out of the horse and opened the city gates, and Troy was destroyed

Who were the major players in the war?

Agamemnon, Ajax, Andromache, Achilles, Patroclus, Diomedes, and Odysseus

How does the Odyssey Relate to it?

It is related to the Odyssey because it tell the back story of Odysseus and his journey back home.

Who is Homer?

Homer was a Greek poet, born sometime between the 12th and 8th centuries B.C. He is famous for the epic poems The Lliad and The Odyssey, which have had an enormous effect on the Western culture.

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