Nurse Practitioners By: Angelica duran

A Nurse Practitioner is someone who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor.

What Nurse Practitioners actually do is they diagnose illnesses and treat conditions. They can perform physical evaluations and can do diagnostic tests. They can also develop treatment plans and do follow up to it. They don't only serve health care but can also be mentors, counselors, researchers, and educators.

Some Duties and Responsibilities are: Diagnosing, treatments, helping patients manage chronic illnesses, physical examinations, performing tests and procedures, prescribing age-specific physical therapy and rehabilitation, providing prenatal care, surgeries, and family services.

Qualifications and where to get them: Can receive your degrees and license at Capella University. You need a license to be an Advanced Practice Nurse License, need to become a registered nurse by passing the NCLEX-RN, completing a graduate degree in the field of nursing.

Entry-Level positions and advancement opportunities: Need to get a G.E.D, deploma, and a masters degree.

Job outlook in the next 10 years:

Salary: $48.52 hourly, $100,910 annual

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