Jim Crow By alejandro calderon


Thesis: The Jim Crow era made life for African Americans a struggle because of unfair laws and biases against them.

Segregated water fountains and bathrooms.

In a article called colored water fountains there's a white man talking about how he felt when he saw this because it brought back thoughts on our history. He went on to say how he didn't drink from either because it brought a bad message to him. This article is talking about how a white man was angry about how segregation in our history caused different feelings towards different races. To me it made me think that it doesn't matter who you are or what race you have to be in order to be sorry or upset about our history.

The next piece of evidence I have is a chapter from another book I read about Jim Crow laws. It's about a black church that was bombed by 2 white an that killed four black girls. The thing about this scene was that the black students were rehearsing there singing when a bomb went if and killed four of them. I later learned that this event occurred in real life and during that time since the judges were white and the victims were white they got away with it because there were lots of biases and they both discriminated against blacks.

"Jim Crow laws were laws in the South based on race. They enforced segregation between white people and black people in public places such as schools."

This quote I got from a article that was talking about the unfair rights black students/ kids had because black kids would have to walk miles to get to there school when white people all they had to do was walk across the street. It was also talking about this little boys experience and how he said on the way to school the black people had to get out of the way aka off the side walk when a white male or female approached because they never wanted to share anything with a black person. Whites thought it was a sign of disrespect because they wanted nothing to do with a black man


The Jim Crow laws had negative effects on the economic and financial lifestyle of any colored human.

One example of this is that labeled contracts had to be negotiated at the beginning of every year.

It was illegal to draw workers from another state

It was illegal to be out of work

Whoever broke the law or could not pay fines were sent to chain gangs

All of these rules were put in place to limit the options that black workers had. It limited the work they could do and how much work they could do. It basically got African Americans into legalized slavery.

African Americans could not apply to many different types of jobs. Even then the only jobs they could do were unsafe and not healthy. To make matters worse then it was extremely difficult for them to reach the job because they were limited to transportation limitations. This made it difficult to colored people to have stable jobs and to support there family.

Many government assistance programs were not made available to African Americans. These laws prevented them from obtaining financial aid from the government but that was available to whites, and it greatly limited there ability to by a home or even start a business and make money. This limited there economic growth as it did not allow them to move forward or go ahead. It kept them independent on whatever the whites decided for them

Social and cultural

During the Jim Crow era African Americans were enslaved by many living standards which caused them to feel owned by white people.

African Americans were not allowed to date or Mary other races. If they did they would be fined and put on trial. They could face a year in jail or fine up to 1,000 dollars in some cases. In some cases they weren't even allowed to speak during the trial

African Americans found it very difficult to go out and have a good time. By this I mean hangout or catch up with friends. This was because they had limited places to go. They could only attend certain restaurants or bars or theaters while whites were allowed to go to everywhere whenever they wanted to. In some states like Alabama blacks could not leave there homes past 10 pm. Also ticket windows, drinking fountains and parks and phone booths were separated between white and blacks. The blacks always had rubbishy things while the whites had more fancy parks and water fountains etc.

Public institutions like hospitals and orphanages were segregated just like schools were. In North Carolina blacks and whites had to use separate books, in Florida the books were not aloes to be stored together and in Atlanta courts had to keep two separate bibles. This led to a lower level of education and care to the black community.

Costly, Andrew. "A Brief History of Jim Crow." A Brief History of Jim Crow - Constitutional Rights Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2017.

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