Photosynthesis By:Sharena

The light dependent process is first in photosynthesis. The light dependent reaction happens in the thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast. The sun will come and excite an electron starting it on its journey of photosynthesis.

The sun will excite the electron at photo system 2. The electron will go through proteins and hydrogen+ will come through as it passes over the proteins.

H2O or water will replace the electrons going through the process, give H+, and release oxygen.

The electron will get tired going through the proteins until it reaches photo system 1, where the sun will excite it again. The electron will soon get to ferredoxin. At ferredoxin NADP+ and H+ will come together to make NADPH.

When the process gets to the ATP synthase, a H+ will go through and turn ADP+Pi into ATP.

The light independent reaction happens in the stroma of the chloroplast. The light independent or Calvin Cycle process starts with Carbon Dioxide coming through the leaves stomata.

The 6 CO2 with one carbon will meet up with RuBP with 5 carbons and make 12 3-PGA. Then the 12 ATP that came from the light dependent reaction turns into 12 ADP. The 12 NADPH that came from the light dependent reaction turns into 12 NADP+. The 12 ADP gives energy, and the 12 NADP+ gives electrons. After all the changing, the 12 3-PGA turns into 12 G3P. The 12 G3P meets up with Rubisco. 2 G3P go out to make sugars, and the rest go back into making RuBP. 6 ATP turn into 6 ADP to help the G3P make RuBP. The RuBP starts the cycle over again.

Pigments are found in the thylakoid membranes. They help determine the color of the plant. They do this by absorbing different light wavelengths.

cam and C4 plants

Cam plants consist of plants like cacti and pineapple. These plants live in dry areas like deserts. They need to reserve water so they only allow carbon dioxide in at night. They release carbon dioxide during the day. C4 plants consist of corn, and sugarcane. C4 plants have four carbon compounds for more carbon storage. They keep there stomata closed during the day and the carbon compounds transfer to CO2 into the Calvin Cycle.

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