KATHERINE SOFFIA production Management + consultant + CONTENT CREATOR + OPTIMIST

I have strong work ethics, curious mind, and organizational abilities. For me, it is extremely important to gain the trust of the team for whom I work for and with. I have extensive experience in content based productions, dealing with labor resources, production scheduling, budgets and costs, making any on-the-fly adjustments to the process, and coordination of travel, logistics and crew. I am a logistically driven person, I take pride in being able to juggle many different tasks at the same time and deal with any emergencies that come up. The skills that I have acquired in the demanding and ever changing field of production and event management have led me to fine-tune the art of multi-tasking, efficiency and on the fly decision making to tackle even the most critical unforeseen obstacles with ease and confidence.

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See what some of my references have to say...

“Kat makes things happen! She moves smoothly through a production polishing the rough edges in a cool, calm & collective way without disrupting the flow of the set. She’s always looking, listening and executing! Ahead of the game & for me equally important… A BLAST & A BEAUTY TO WORK WITH!!! Enough of the formality… SHE KICKS ASS & I LOVE THIS GURL! ” — Milcho E., reported to KATHERINE

“Recommending Katherine is a pleasure for anyone that has worked with her. She is so much more than a smart, devoted, positive proactive member of any work team – she is a joy to be around. Her “can do” attitude is contagious and always comes with a smile. ” — Liz A., worked with KATHERINE

“Katherine has hired me for several projects that I have enjoyed working on. She does a great job of balancing the project’s needs with the needs and wants of the crew. She is results oriented and her management style efficient and effective. I would gladly work for Katherine on any future projects that I would have the opportunity to be apart of.” — Frank C., audio mixer, FMC Sound and Technical Services, worked indirectly for KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“Katherine was great manager. She always offered me help and was very patient whenever I had questions about the work I was given. She has great communication skills along with the ability to multi-task.” — Katelyn G., Production Intern, MTV Networks, worked indirectly for KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“Katherine is very organized and a great problem solver. Katherine is definitely an asset to any production team.” — Drina W., Field Production Manager / Production Coordinator, MTV3, worked directly with KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“Katherine is very hard working and exteamly helpful. She knows the true meaning of team work and goes above and beyond for her team.” — Jaylah S., Production Coordinator, Blogger, Viacom- MTV Networks Latin America- Tr3s, worked with KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“Katherine ,since the first time we spoke to start setting up a shoot, was very concise, amicable, well spoken and professional. We worked in the same group on location several times and she was always on target with everything pertaining the preparation of the set and logistics to be prep. I would highly recommend Katherine for any production.” — Eric L. T., Production/Location Sound Recordist. Live FOH Sound Mixer. Studio Recording/Mixing, Panamericana Films.National Geographic. Discovery Channel. History Channel. Oil Factory., worked directly with KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“Works well in a team environment, handles pressure very well and always has a smile.” — Mauriett C., Story Production Assistant, MTV Networks, worked directly with KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“It is such a joy to share a work environment with Katherine. In the craziness of the production world, she is a breath of fresh air. Her ability to multitask while being proactive makes her a wonderful co worker. I look forward to working with her again in the future.” — Chantal K., Story Production Assistant, MTV Networks, worked indirectly for KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“In a production company with such high volume of work and stress, only a focused, highly organized and creative production manager could thrive. Katherine not only posses those qualities, but she’s also respectful and conducts business in a very professional manner. Katherine was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.” — Ana Toro, Unit Production Manager, MTV3, worked directly with KATHERINE at MTV Networks

“Katherine is a very efficient and dedicated worker. She is thorough and energetic and is an asset on anyone’s team. I highly recommend her!” — Oscar L., Graphic Designer / Special Projects Producer, WPBT Channel 2, worked directly with KATHERINE at PBS WPBT2

“Katherine began as a production assistant on our “Imagining a New Florida” documentary. She proved to be a fantastic asset. She can work independently and always provides results. About the time that the documentary was ending a position opened in another division. Katherine applied and was hired. And as before, she is doing an excellent job! Katherine is a joy to work with and fully dedicated to delivering the best.” — Jack K., Vice President of Production, WPBT, managed KATHERINE at WPBT2

“I have known Katherine for over seven years. During my past employment at Univision, Katherine used to work with the various productions in the various production and music reporting matters. She is an excellent person with a beautiful personality. I highly recommend her.” — Ana Maria V., Director, Standards and Practices, TELEMUNDO, worked directly with KATHERINE at Telemundo

“Dependable and hardworking, Kathy’s ability to multi-task allows her to wear many hats. She has a strong mix of logistical and creative skills that allows her to understand the big picture.” — Mitchell G., Director, US Operations, Zeal Television, managed KATHERINE at Zeal Television

“Whenever i need something that needs to get done, I call Kathy and leave everything up to her. I’ve hired Kathy on a variety of different projects and almost always under different job titles… because i know that whatever the task, she accomplishes it. Besides being an excellent multi-tasker, she approaches work with the attitude necessary to get the job done. AND she makes a mean cortadito!” — Jose Bravo, was KATHERINE’s client

“Katherine is true professional with an admirable work ethic. She is detail oriented and a savvy problem solver, and is completely reliable. A good quality is that she can keep her cool in the most intense situations, and has the ability to promote calmness throughout her entire team. She is virtually flawless with the administration of budgets, schedules, and office management. In summary, an ideal employee, colleague, and person.” — Vivianne Maduro, Producer- Con Gusto Y Sazon, Clear Image Creative Group, worked directly with KATHERINE at Clear Image Creative

“Pleasure to work with and great event manager.” — Linda Faye S., Senior Director of Production Operations, Barton G Design, managed KATHERINE indirectly at Barton G Weiss

“I worked for a short time with Katherine at Proplayer. She is a pleasure to work with and very professional.” — David Adam K., Vice President/ Southeast Regional Manager, The Kurz Corp, worked with KATHERINE at Pro Player Stadium

“KATHERINE has an outgoing, people-oriented personality. She’s able to walk into a room of strangers and walk out having befriended all of them. She implements these skills in her work environment to successfully accomplish the task at hand.” — Jorge H., General Producer, Univision Communications, Inc., worked with KATHERINE at Univison Network

“Kathy is a great asset to any company, great team-player, very easy going and fun to work around. Very professional person and posses great people’s skills. I truly believe that Katherine will develop any task at any professional level.” — Juanchy M., Producer, Univision, worked directly with KATHERINE at Univison Network

“I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine Soffia during my tenure at Univision Network. Katherine’s one of many functions was to be the liaison between the Music Rights Department and Despierta America. Katherine always exhibited a wonderful and positive attitude, was always a self-starter and a results oriented professional. I highly recommend Katherine and know she will insure the success of any project she may be working on.” — Ana Maria V., Director, Music Rights and Intellectual Property Rights, Univision Network and Univision Television Group, managed KATHERINE indirectly at Univison Network

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