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Right now the Western Europe is wealthier than the Eastern Europe. And I think that they should be equally because of the common market and the citizenship of both sides and if the EU has most of these things the same like all the passports, they all us the euro , and voting which all the countries around the world and all the citizens has the right to vote. But the EU is different from the US because they don't speak different languages like in France you speak french and all the state in the EU has a different language.

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The question is what is Government and why is it necessary? Government is a body of a nation state, or a community. Government is needed to make the laws. The laws are very important because if we don’t have the laws everyone will get out of control. Also government is needed so all citizens can have low cost healthcare. Government plans can help and teach people save money. Government helps the country to have things under control.

People adapts to the desert Clamato by wearing long, thin sleeves and they try to grind water so they don’t get dehydrated and they have to find an oasis or sometimes the places have desertification so they can dig a well.

A right is a freedom that everyone has. A good citizen has a responsibility to follow the rules. But if the government refuse that citizens right it can’t be it.If you are a citizen you will all so get the right of voting. If you want to become a citizen you have go through naturalization, to pass that you have to fill out and form, and pass an interview, then you will get an really easy test it usually ask like what colors are the American flag.An law is something you must follow, and it came from the constitution, and more. Most of the laws came from the government.


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