Sophists By: Ashish saikrishna

Sophist picture

background info

Sophists are teachers who teach philosophy. Sophists are known as wise people. They claimed to teach all that was necessary. Sophists always wanted to win and succeed. They were respected by some people, feared by some people, and hated by some people. The Sophists were criticized by Socrates.

Sophists main ideals/philosophy

Sophists taught students many things. They taught them how to argue either side of a case. This is also called rhetoric. Sophists were known for specializing in teaching rhetoric and philosophy.They challenged and criticized social order and traditions.

Impact on Ancient Greece society

Sophists had a great impact on law. Sophists had a very great impact on law because they were known as one of the first lawyers. They had great argumentation skills, which led to them becoming one of the first lawyers

modern examples of their philosophy

There are examples of Sophists today. Lawyers and politicians are great examples. Since Sophists were one of the first lawyers, lawyers are just like them. They argue on either side of a case, just like Sophists. Politicians are just like Sophists because they both argue. Politicians debate, while Sophists argue.


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