Exhibit #4: Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit

My Post-Test Analysis form signed by my Spanish Professor


My Professor let me know that all of the mistakes on the test were all conjugation mistakes, as in I used the correct verbs but conjugated them in the wrong tense. Therefore, she did not really want me to put them in any of the boxes because they weren’t careless mistakes. I just incorrectly conjugated the verbs. So seeing as how even with the mistakes I still scored an 86 on the test she just suggested that I get extra work on recognizing when to conjugate in certain instances. Going forward in Spanish I will definitely practice conjugations heavily as I did before my Chapter 8 Test. I also need to make sure before every quiz or test that I understand exactly what each vocab word means because on assessments we have to use them without translations from the test or from the professor. Overall, to be successful in that class those are the two biggest areas I should focus on. As well as taking in the professor’s post-test comments as helpful constructivism. This experience was new to me because I usually do not go back to my teacher and ask for in-depth feedback on my tests no matter whether my grade was good or bad. It allowed me to connect with my professor on a one-on-one level instead of in class with many other students. She was very helpful and her criticisms were all very helpful in helping me understand why I got something wrong instead of just telling me I got it wrong. It was a very positive experience that I should continue to use as a tool to make me a better student in the future.

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