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LG's 4k UHD smart TV: This LG TV has a 177 cm screen, so you can catch every detail from farther away. It has an LED LCD display. Also, the LG 70UH635T's smart TV capabilities let you unlock extra, newer features. It has Ultra HD video and 200 Hz refresh rate, allowing you to see the smooth transitions in sports and animation. The 70UH635T's three HDMI inputs enable you to hook up to a host of high-definition video equipment. It features a USB connection and a 1 year warranty. Offer additional amusement with help from this LG television with extra features such as Netflix, Stan, the internet and wifi built in. Colour: Black screen and frame, silver stand. The W x H x D with a stand: 1575 mm x 972 mm x 285 mm. W x H x D without a stand: 1575 mm x 910 mm x 60 mm

Features of LG Ultra HD 4K smart TV

General features :

Sharper screen with 4K ultra high definition screen resolution.


High Dynamic Range content

Included Magic Remote

Smart TV Built-In


Stan (like Netflix)

Web Browser (the internet)

Wifi built in

I chose this product because there was really good advertising on the TV and radio about the newest LG flat screen TV on the market. There were many LG TV ads being advertised at Bing Lee lately (sales and mentions of new products). Bing Lee was rather well known and reliable, so I decided to check out what they had in store online.

Compared to the competing products (I searched up online), the other products seemed too fancy, with curved screens to create a 3D effect and other confusing features (Samsung TVs). I liked the simplicity of this TV, and after seeing the measurements and style, I knew it would fit in perfectly in the Media room at my house.

This LG TV was physically and aesthetically pleasing, with a large screen that had a sleek design. This TV would be perfect for gaming consoles (as said by the reviews I read), and watching movies. After seeing the ads, I decided that I wanted one so I went online to check their website and see the price and read reviews to see if it was worth it (would I regret it if I bought it).

Mostly the review stated that the TV had really good clear picture quality, easy to use (extensive features and generally), the wireless setup was easy and overall a really good value for the amount you paid ($2695).

It seemed like a win-win situation when the store assistants told me about the TV, seeing that most of the problems (and there weren’t many) that popped up were able to be fixed.

I would go buy this TV at the good guys or Bing Lee in Chatswood, as both of the stores sell them for the same price and quality. As I am just a little bit more biased towards Bing Lee, I would probably go there to buy the TV. Bing Lee can be found in Westfield, Chatswood, 1 Anderson St, Chatswood (near the Cinema, or King Dynasty restaurant).

I would buy this TV at Chatswood, as it is convenient-it is about an 8 minute drive from Roseville to Chatswood, and when going to the shop physically to see if the TV is actually as great as it looks in the pictures online, it did (the quality is always good at Bing Lee and if it isn’t, they may refund you sometimes) and the staff were friendly and helpful, going through the buying process with me and being patient with me (creates a good impression and the business has a good image).

Because the price, quality, location of the store was nearby (convenience) and image (aesthetically pleasing-the TV) were all above average, I decided to buy the TV at Bing Lee, Chatswood.

The Reason being conveyed: Convenience, price, image is wonderful and actual store assistance is patient and helpful, actual business is popular, well known for selling good quality appliances-Good Business

One way to pay for this TV:

Credit Card-considering that the TV is $2695, you probably would not use cash because it is a substantial amount.


o Purchase Power-allows you to buy the product right then and there and then pay it off when the credit card statement arrives. If you paid off in the interest free period, you wouldn’t even need to pay interest. Easier to buy things especially if you don’t like to carry large amounts of cash.

o Your money stays in the bank with a credit card, and you don’t have to take it out like cash.

o You can trace your credit card if you by any chance loose it.

o Can pay by phone or over the internet, however I’m paying for it physically so that doesn’t really apply to the situation.


o High interest rates and Increased Debt-Credit card companies charge you an enormous amount of interest on each balance you don’t pay it off by the end of the interest free period(so pay your bills kids!)

o Credit card fraud-sometimes, credit cards can be stolen. They may be physically stolen (loosing your wallet), or someone can steal your credit number from a receipt and use your card to rack up debts.

o Blowing my budget (although I know what I’m going to get and I will not pay a cent more-unless there’s delivery involved)

Second way: Direct debit

What is Direct Debit?

A direct debit is when you allow the business providing the goods and services to you to take money from your own credit card account on a regular basis to pay for goods and services. You can also make direct debit payments from your cheque or savings account.


o Paying with direct debit saves money since no checks have to be mailed, and no postage costs are incurred.

o Easy to track payment histories and can come in handy if some sort of dispute arises

o Convenience always at top of list (even though its in the middle here)

o No worries about over looking a ill and later being assessed late fees due to late payment

o Don’t need to find a bank to withdraw funds

o Can use debit card almost anywhere

o No monthly charges onyur spending

o Allows ATM access


o Forgetting to deduct the amount from the check register

o Loosing control of the bill payment process

o Loosing control of process-may forget that direct debit payments need to be tracked-failure to do so may leave checking account in disarray

o Making changes to direct debit payments may be rather cumbersome.

o If account is low on funds, you can’t use debit card for purchase if purchase exceeds the balance.

o Debit card requires funds to be available in account in order to use it. Can be a problem if the purchase is one you need to make.

I would personally use the credit card, seeing as how I would be borrowing money from the bank so that if I didn’t have enough money at the time, it wouldn’t matter, seeing as I am using the bank to pay for it and I pay them back in the no-interest period, saving money.

Flowchart of process of buying

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