Goals Using Personal Values to Set Short - and Long - Term Goals

Part I: In Class Activity

First I had to separate all of the values into Not Important, Important, and Very Important. These were the values that I felt were Important and Very Important:

The next step was to separate all of the Very Important values into two piles of Very Important (labeled "Important" in the photo) and Very, Very Important (labeled "Very Important" in the photo). This step was a little hard for me because at first I felt like the values that I previously labeled "Important" were now being considered unimportant. Once I finished the assignment I realized why this step was significant. Here are my step two results:

Part II: Top Core Values

The next steps were to separate the very, very important pile into a Top Ten pile and then separate those into a Top Five pile. This was also extremely difficult because I felt that all of the very, very important values could definitely be in my top five values. Here are my final Top Five values:

The final, and by far most difficult, step was to file the values down to one ultimate value. My #1 Value:

Part III: Goals

Short-Term Goals: One short term goal that I have is to do more volunteer work. This stems from my core value of compassion because I love helping others. I feel that this also comes from how much I value God's will- as a member of Newspring Church, one of our top values is "saved people serve people".

Long-term Goals: My long term goal is to start a family. I love giving love to other people and I believe that having children and starting a family will ultimately satisfy this core value. I love taking care of people and I have always had aa very strong motherly instinct (my friends even call me mom). I have always thought that my purpose of being here is to be a mom. I also believe that is it God's will for me to start a family. Finally, starting a family and being a mom is obviously a lot of work. I believe that being a mom will teach me how to forgive as there will be many battles that I will have to just get over and move one.

Part IV: Reflection

The process of sorting all of the values into Not Important, Important, and Very Important was actually fairly easy for me. I tried not to spend too much time thinking about my choice but instead trying to go with my first reaction. Because of this, I think that my results were very accurate. When looking back on my results and how I narrowed down the values, I think that they are a good and accurate representation of myself and my core values. My #1 core value is Purpose. I picked this as my ultimate core value because I feel that it encompassed all of my core values. Below is a journal entry I wrote about this assignment:

"For me, dividing the cards the first time (into not important, important, and very important) was fairly easy. I made it a point to not take too much time thinking about where to put the cards and instead just went with my first instinct. Dividing the cards into very important and very, very important was a little harder. It made me second guess myself because I was leaving the important pile back and it kind of made it feel like those maybe weren't important to me. Anyways, narrowing down my 5 most important was very difficult and my final one was nearly impossible. After taking some time to think about my 5 most important, I can really see why it came down to those 5. Compassion made sense because I am the 'mom' of my friend group and I feel for people a lot. Forgiveness has always been a big thing for me. I find it absolutely impossible to stay mad at people. God's will is big for me, being a Christian, that I follow his will and I believe that He has the ultimate plan for me. Loving was also a finalist and this goes hand in hand with compassion. Finally, and this one came down to the very final one for me, is purpose. I feel that this kind of encompasses all of my values because I believe that whatever my purpose is (I haven't quite figured it out yet), it will encompass all of my top 5 core values. I can use this awareness of these values to adjust my short and long term goals accordingly."

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