Succeed@Tees Workshops Plus online content

Succeed @ Tees is a series of informal workshops designed and created to help you become more effective learners with your studies at Teesside University. The workshops are full of useful information, tips and practical exercises to help you develop the skills you need to get the most from your studies and your student experience.

Browse the content below to see what is available, including lots of useful online material. There are also lots of resources on other skills available from the Learning Hub web site at https://libguides.tees.ac.uk/learning_hub

Academic Writing: an introduction

Are you unsure how to write in an academic style?

This workshop covers:

  • The characteristics of academic writing
  • Common challenges and strategies to overcome them
  • The use of appropriate language.

Critical Thinking

This workshop covers:

  • Develop your skills in critical thinking and argument
  • Improve your ability to evaluate what you read
  • Help you identify what is good evidence and research.

Critical Writing

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of critical writing covering:

  • The difference between critical and descriptive writing
  • Identifying differing opinions in writing
  • Using the WEED model to create critical paragraphs
  • Identifying different aspects of critical writing.

Dissertations - Getting Started

Our aim is to help you prepare for your dissertation or major project at Teesside University. The workshop and resources will help you identify:

  • The key aspects of preparing for a dissertation or project
  • Issues to consider in your planning
  • Useful advice and tips.

How to use References

Learn how to use in-text citations, paraphrase and quote correctly in your assignments. This workshop covers how to:

  • Incorporate references into your writing
  • Identify the different styles of in-text citation and when to use them
  • Develop techniques in paraphrasing
  • Incorporate quotations into your work properly.

Presentation Skills

This workshop is aimed at any students who want to improve their presentation skills and offers tips and techniques on:

  • Planning and preparing the presentation
  • Engaging your audience
  • How to present as an individual/group
  • Helping to reduce your anxiety.

Reflective Writing

This workshop covers:

  • What reflection is and why it is valuable
  • How to write in a reflective style
  • How to integrate academic research into your reflective writing.

Report Writing

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of report writing, covering:

  • Purpose
  • Structure
  • Writing style
  • Sections of a report.

Structuring Your Assignment

This workshop covers:

  • Identifying what the assessment criteria is asking you to do (being targeted/ generating ideas)
  • Planning your argument (being in-depth/organising ideas)
  • Structuring paragraphs, conclusions and introductions (bringing it all together).

Writing a Literature Review

This workshop will give you hints and tips on:

  • Structure
  • Style
  • Linking ideas
  • Good practice.

Writing a Research Proposal

Do you have to write a research proposal and are not sure what needs to be covered in it?

Want some tips on how to produce an effective proposal?

This workshop is aimed at undergraduates and it will provide a general introduction to structuring your proposal.

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