We Are Healed Havana, Cuba

The ability to heal ourselves is possible through divine intention + manifestation, loving, affirming, supportive community + tangible skills to address trauma and move beyond surviving to thriving. The 'We Are Healed' Tour is a declaration and written prescription to ourselves from ourselves, that we are healed. Each day we embody our most healed selves, as we recognize healing is not a linear process. We invite you to join us in Havana, Cuba for 5 nights and 6 days of writing, releasing, and building solidarity with the African Diaspora in Cuba, and more.

"I am worthy of experiencing the enjoyment of life"

When: May 14-19, 2020

Where: Havana, Cuba

Cost: $1750

COST INCLUDES: Housing Accommodations (Double Occupancy), Airport Transfers, Breakfast Daily, Healing Workshops, Cultural Excursion, Welcome Dinner

Participants will stay in Air B&B style home stays, all rooms have AC, Hot+Cold Running Water, and will be double occupancy unless a special request is made

Why is Healing Necessary?

Dr. Jameta Barlow, community health psychologist, has developed a curriculum titled "writehealing". This is an evidence-based approach to healing emotional trauma and promoting well-being, designed specifically for Black women. Participants will develop skills in self-actualization, self-recovery, optimizing agency and navigating intersectional internalizations. Black women experience gendered racism and intergenerational trauma due to the legacies of the American Holocaust known as the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, terrors of Jim Crow and the ongoing and contemporary daily trauma of living as a Black woman in the Americas. Emotions are intextricably linked to physical representations of illness and disease. Heal the emotion(s), you will also heal the disease(s). This workshop aims to uncover and ignite Black women’s journey to emotional healing, while also expanding their worldview and discovering their connections to the African Diaspora. Participants will leave equipped with tools to build a successful emotional health regimen.

Is This Tour for Me?

This tour can benefit anyone who is ready to receive energy medicine, skills for healthy coping, healing, and spiritual guidance. Each workshop is a safe space that allows participants to relax, get centered, and release what no longer serves them. Each participant will learn self healing and manifestation techniques that will enhance their growth and knowledge of self. We hope participants will leave with a light heart and the ability to tap into their own inner peace. This is a safe space for all Black Cis, Queer and Trans folks.

How does "We Are Healed" Support Afro-Cuban Communities?

In addition to healing workshops, participants will have an opportunity to connect with the African Diaspora in Havana, Cuba. We will also offer yoga and healing workshops for the community to participate in. The African Diaspora Alliance has been building solidarity with Afro-Cuban artists, scholars, community organizers, and activists since 2014. Participants of "We Are Healed" will experience authentic cultural exchanges that strengthen afro-Cuban economies and reunify the diaspora.

How Do I Reserve My Space ?

We require a $500USD downpayment by February 1, 2020. Final payment is due March 25, 2020. All payments can be made through paypal to "ada@theafricandiasporaalliance.org" please include only your last name and the dates of the tour in the memo line.


Healing Workshop, Casa de Africa Museum Tour, Walking Tour of Central and Old Havana, Group Welcome Dinner


Morning Meditation + Yoga, Healing Workshop, Rumba Dance Class w/ Live Music, Meet with famous Afro-Cuban filmmaker and scholar Gloria Rolando.


Visit to Viñales, Cuba ( 2 Hours outside from Havana), Visit largest Afro-Cuban Garden, Learn history of maroon communities in Cuba, Meditation, Horse Back Riding.


Beach day that includes WriteHealing activities, Guided yoga, and meditation.

Day 5

Afro-Cuban Spirituality Experience with Beyond Roots

This is an opportunity for our participants to engage with the Afro-Cuban community and experience a bit of everyday life in Cuba. On a walking tour you will visit an Abakua Temple, a religious space for the African Efik tradition that has been preserved in Cuba, and have the opportunity to speak with practitioners of Santeria. Participants will experience a private live music and dance presentation of traditional Afro-Cuban drums referred to as “Tambor.”

Day 6

Final Wrap-up and Airport Departure


Jasmine Hall and Moriah Ray, CoFounders of The African Diaspora Alliance

Jameta Barlow, MPH, PhD creator of WriteHealing

For more information on how to participate in "We Are Healed" please email The African Diaspora Alliance at ADA@THEAFRICANDIASPORAALLIANCE.ORG


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