Journey Log 1 Will Dukes-willyd, warrior, Sec 041, OPENNESS, creativity

Nervous. The one word I would use to describe my feelings towards starting this class. The reason for this feeling is the extreme hatred for the classic 5 paragraph essay that was so repetitively drilled into my head as a sophomore in high-school. I was raised on this particular writing style in all my classes until my senior year when my English teacher threw us a curve ball. We would be writing all of our essays and papers using our own topics. With this came a slow but steady change from the 3.5 essay style. My writing has always been short, sweet, and to the point. By this I mean that I put all the necessary information in as few sentences as possible and hardly beat around the bush or make my writing flowery and elongated. It is something that can cause a serious problem for me when works are required to be a certain word count. This will be one of my biggest challenges in this class and the reason I am not ecstatic about the class.

Now that my feelings towards the class are out there, I want it to be known that I am open to leaving my comfort zone. I have discovered that the experiences I have when I accomplish or fail outside of my comfort zone are much more rewarding. Openness is one of the main traits my high-school would try to instill in all of its students. We were taken to different locations in and outside of the country and put in terrifying situations and positions. Examples of this would include repelling off waterfalls and zip-lining a mile over the ground in Costa Rica while participating in a home stay, even though we were pathetic with the Spanish language. We were thrown into situations that were cringe worthy and would legitimately make people cry of fear, but in the end these situations are still the ones I remember and appreciate the most. I learned to always want to try the things that are my biggest fears such as heights or public speaking because it is much better to fail when trying something new than to regret not ever trying it. The only problem with my willingness to leave my comfort zone is that it usually involves physical fears such as heights or dangerous situations rather than academic comfort zones. This semester I am going to attempt to get out of my academic comfort zone by writing with a new sense of creativity. I want to take big risks with my writing and not regret it whether it is very successful or a horrible failure. Creativity is something that truly separates people in every aspect of life. A creative engineer will design something new and different. A creative lawyer will think outside of the box to be able to see or make an argument that is not expected and will sometimes if not in most cases be successful. I figure the best thing for me to do is try to bring creativity into my writing and hopefully from there it will spread into the rest of the aspects of my life and future career paths. If not, it will be disappointing that I could not improve my creativity, but there is no real consequence from this failure.

The reading "Beginning" was very helpful for me on my journey for a new writing technique. Starting a new assignment or work is one of the hardest parts so it is helpful to get ideas on ways to improve this. Especially when I am trying to write more than I have in the past. Hopefully my sometimes risky writing will allow me to get lost in the work and I will not have any trouble with the length guidelines. If not my writing will probably be trash that looks forced. It will most likely be obvious which is the case after our first big writing assignment.

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