Biotinidase Defitioncy

Biotinidase Defitioncy is a genetic distorter where your skin, hair, muscular tone, and the ability to fight infections.

This Mutation can only be produced if both parents have the mutation gene BTD which is the genetic code to produce the vitamin Biotin. If a parent passes down only one mutated gene the the correct one will cancel out and your body will repair the mistake.

With no Biotin your body cannot produce strong or a lot of muscle, your skin will be very pale and thick. Your hair will be very thin and light. close to albinism, but you still have pigment.

With a lack of Biotin with Biotinidase Defitioncy, you will be susceptible to get major seizures, and loss of hearing and vision. With this lack of biotin in young children has been known to cause early onset of autism, and dyslexia.

This photo shows the cycle of Biotin and what the effects of Biotinidase Deficiency.


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