Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Amazon, YouTube and Microsoft Word. Teylor dorr


  • Mark Zuckerburg was in a film.
  • Film portrayed the founding of Facebook.
  • Mark launched a website called Facebook.com
  • Most used social networking site.
  • Used by more than 9 million people.
  • Was up in 2004.


  • Announced they had built broadcasting platform.
  • Steve Jobs was the founder.
  • Core products are Iphone, Ipad, computers.


  • Oct. 29 had more than 5 million users.
  • Had a profound effect on society.
  • First years, used 3 different logos.


  • Development was in early 2004.
  • Kevin came up with the idea.
  • From four corners elements
  • And from Mafia war.
  • New features are hashtags.


  • Created in 1995 by Jeff Preston Bezos.
  • Largest electronic commerce websites.
  • Largest retailer of books
  • Largest retailer digital media.
  • Quickly grew business from books.
  • Quickly grew on movies and media.

Wearable Devices.

  • Idea for compact devices inst new.
  • They have been around for decades.
  • In constant contact with other devices.
  • Designed to get information quickly.
  • A company developed a earphone headset.
  • It responds to verbal commands.


  • In 2006 it was bought by Google.
  • For 1.6 million dollars.

Microsoft Word

  • Bill Gates was founder.
  • Bill became the Worlds richest person.


  • Whole Video.


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