Presentation 3.4 Jarian felton

"The actions that follow inspiration are just as important as inspiration itself"

- Jarian F.

This is ME


I am learning that while I can implement many systems to be successful, none of them would work without the support of my family! When the music fades their they stand to receive me with ever present love.

Winter Gardens's First Baptist Church

"I don't have to do this...I get to do this!"

Our worship team singing at The Orlando Solar Bears hockey game...what a blast!

Love God...Share His love with others!

Easy like Sunday Morning

Sunday is always coming...Preparation is essential


"Thank You!"

- Worship leaders everywhere

"This system provides efficiency with the stuff so we have time for the people!"
"Worship Leaders, even season ones, need ongoing development...Worship Rocket offers such development"

??What am I asking you??

Thank You!

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Jarian Felton

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