Who would have thought that when we adopted our first Burmese in 2013, the breed would quickly become such an essential part of life in Sidegate Lane.

Rosie was 18 when she joined us, and quickly became a vital part of the family. Gentle, cuddly, happy, funny and as smart as you could imagine a cat could be.

An absolute tragedy that she could only be with us for little more than two years, but leaving such an indelible mark on us that it was inevitable that we would have to find another Burmese to join us.

Gentle, friendly, cuddly....

Intelligent, engaging, perceptive.....

A perfect pet....

Just a month or so after her death we discovered Ruby, a gorgeous young Burmese Blue, just approaching her second birthday...

Now established as an essential part of our family, Ruby maintains the traditions set by her predecessor - gentle, silly, cuddly company, accompanied by a barrel-load of energy...

'The Burmese makes a superb companion, second to none in terms of its affection and loyalty to its owner. In addition it can be extremely playful and interactive, nosy even...'

Tamsin Pickeral, 'The Grace of the Cat'

'Burmese tend to have enormous personalities and like to be the centre of attention'


'It is not as vocal as the Siamese, but does like a good chat in its unique, slightly raspy voice'.


'Life is never dull with a Burmese!'


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Michael Kwasniak


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