Robert D. Ballard The life of a Oceanographer

On Jan 10th, 1967. Robert would join the Navy. He mainly joined to get away from the Army and be able to work with submersibles easier, such as "Alvin".

Robert would discover the ocean floor in 1977 with "Alvin". He even discovered the first signs of life such as Tube worms, and other life forms that survived around heat vents of the ocean.


Robert built a submarine for his future expeditions named the "Argo". He would find the "Titanic" and the "Bismarck" with the Submersible.

Robert tried to save the "Titanic" by painting it with a special kind of anti-rusting paint to preserve the "Titanic" for future generations. He did fail to pass this since many of the survivors and relatives of the Titanic wanted the ship to remain at the bottom of the sea untouched. He is still trying to preserve it but with a lot of heat.

Photos of the Titanic discovered by Dr. Ballard.

Full picture of the Bismarck.

Bismarck after being first built.

The bismarck was the most preserved ship wreck to be discovered.

In fact, every part of the ship was together, besides the broken stern.

After finding the Titanic Dr. Robert Ballard wanted to find other ship wrecks. so he seeked the Bismarck in the late 1980s, he would find the Bismarck in 1988. the "Bismarck" is a German battleship. it is one of the most preserved ship wrecks to ever be found.

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