How did the amendments change negative and positive aspects of political and social life for African Americans?

Political and Social

How did the amendments change negative and positive aspects of political and social life for African Americans? Many things were found to be life changing for the African Americans, due to the amendments that were passed. It had impacted not only their social aspect, but as well as the political characteristics. Before the Reconstruction era, a document the Emancipation Proclamation - that was issued by Abraham lincoln (during the time of the civil war) and was to grant the slaves freedom. As well as giving them that right, they added to the Constitution giving them the right to vote. In spite of the fact that they were given that freedom, did not help with the other restrictions they had along the way.


The amendments made did somewhat help the situation, but not entirely. Amendment 13 was made to abolish slavery. Stated in the constitution, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude ... shall exist within the United States". This amendment was made to free all of the slaves that were still not freed yet. The 14th amendment, also known as the Reconstruction amendment, was created to address citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws for the former slaves. Amendment 15 was made give the right to vote for those that did not have it. These were made to secure the rights and freedom for the African Americans.


Although African Americans gained their independence, they were restricted to many things. The reconstruction era was a time to rebuild the United States which failed because of several factors. Main reason it had failed was because the north was unsuccessful with bringing the south back into the union after the Civil war (economically). The social aspect from this was the failure to accept the African Americans into society. Even after all of the amendments passed and the right given, they were still not treated like citizens. The north did not acknowledge the discrimination in the south which did not help with rebuilding the country back up.

Reconstruction era

The reconstruction era began after the to rebuild the United states and bring back the southern states back into the union. Several factors led to the end of the era, including the Depression. Former slaves had hoped for a bright future after being freed, but there were many conflicts to come their way. This era brought corruption, which showed results of the endings of the reconstruction later on.

Black Lives Matter movement

Although Black Lives Matter is splattered all over news outlets, all lives matter seems to overshadow issues that minorities face every day by undermining the movement and creating a counter opposition. Not all cultures are treated equally. White privilege is very prominent in the world, especially in America. Ignorance is vastly displayed when it comes to supporting anything nowadays. That can be spoken true to any movement or idea. That being said, all lives matter may sound equal to all cultures. It sounds very open and welcoming to all. Although that's a dream many wish to fulfill, all lives matter doesn't fit that category. This movement is actually the complete opposite by minimizing the issues of other minorities by saying everyone's issues are equal. In America, white privilege is on top of the tier if the food chain whereas anything beneath represents other cultures in this mixing pot of a nation. BLM is a movement showing the hardships and struggles minorities face that the privileged don't ever have to deal with. Many of those whom support all lives matter haven't been through the hardships and struggles minorities go through on a day to day basis. Although the privileged do go through some racism and hardships due to the color of their skin, it doesn't nearly amount to what the minority groups endure. Again, all lives DO matter, but they are not all treated equally.

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