Game Theory II Urban Planning Sam Mathews

We have came up with different percentages of land usage including: industrial, commercial, transportation, residential, institutional, recreational. We have made two different blueprints, a small one on a piece a paper, and one more in depth on a big poster board. On the blueprints we have color coded our different areas of land usage.

We have started working on our mine craft worlds, we tried to find the best land and we did. We then started leveling out the island by burning down trees, and blowing up mountains. I am now going to start building different houses and streets

We are starting to build some of the bigger buildings and our town hall is complete. i am starting to work on roads and make the roadway. We are going to start building the L-train.

I have continued making the transportation. I have made another L-Train going off in a different direction. and made a parking lot in front of our town hall. I will continue making parking lots for different buildings in the next week.

L Train and a station

We have been continually making the road system more effective. I have made part of the L-Train go underground and there is a subway station. I will start to figure out a highway that will circle the main part of our city.

Throughout the whole time we have worked on mine craft i have been making our transportation system. I have worked to make the roads and the and the subway/L-train correspond. I have had to make many stations for passengers to get off of the subway.

Our scenario consisted of the sea level going up 2 blocks due to global warming. We will have to build many dams to keep the rivers lower than sea level.

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