Cell Phone Addiction by Cinthia de la cruz & alex reyes

Cell phone addiction has been a big problem everywhere, including school. Almost every student that has a cell phone cannot go to school without using it. Most of the students when they’re are in a class they don't pay attention they are always checking their social media or waiting for a text, or even sometimes they are even talking on the phone and this is what gets teachers mad.

Dylan is a student at Bowie High School and he has noticed that cell phones are a big problem during class.

“Was that most students stay on the phone during class which is very distracting to their education and bothers the teachers” Dylan Rios said.

He claims that almost every student in class is using their phones and this leads to distracting teachers and getting them mad because they have to stop their lesson to tell them to stop using their phones, and not only that but they are other students that are willing to learn but they cant because the other students are using their phones.

“I would say that the best solution is that teachers keep the phones and turn it in after class.” Rios said.

He offers a solution to how to stop cell phones from distracting students and it is simply to give them to the teachers and keep them for the rest of the class and not give it to them till the class ends.

“I would say they should because it affects them on their education and future.” Rios said.

By this he means that school should take this problem more serious because this affects their education not only that but it could become a bad habit and it could also affect them in a future.

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