Brian Lourenco Pure Event Group Premier Event Host

Brian Lourenco, one of the co-owners of Pure Energy, began his career as a weekend employee while attending college and law school. Quickly realizing his passion for entertainment and unique ability to inspire a room of people to come together in celebration, Brian gave up his law practice and became Vice President and Director of Operations of what is now the Pure Event Group. He partnered with Gregg in 2007 to help create what is now the #1 multi operational entertainment company in the Tri-State. With his signature charm & quick wit, Brian continues to dazzle crowds producing memories on the dance floor that will last a lifetime.

Get to know Brian..

What’s your favorite dance floor hits?

1990’s & 2000’a Hip Hop

- What made you want to be an entertainer?

Party for a living or sit behind a desk? No brainer!

- What’s the most important part of a wedding?

Love (open bar a close 2nd!)

- A favorite moment witnessed at a wedding?

The Grooms brother was deployed overseas and could not attend the wedding. As a surprise to the Bride, Groom and his parents, we arranged for him to give a Best Man’s toast live via Skype on our video monitors. Really special moment.

- Tell us about you?

Devoted husband, father of three and love being a part of the most special day of people’s lives.

- What are your strengths as an entertainer?

Ability to feel the energy of a room, connect to it, and bring it all together through personality and music.

- What’s in your headphones? (What do you like to listen to)

Fantasy Football Talk Radio

- How long have you been entertaining?

20 years

- What makes you different?

God makes us all different. If he didn’t, how boring would THAT be!

"I was wildly impressed by Brian and would loudly and proudly recommend to anyone I know getting married that wants a FUN TIME!!" -Danielle Price, June 2018


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