Iroquois Theater Fire By: Armando Gonzalez

It was December 30 of1903 and there were at least 2000 people in the Iroquois Theater. Lots of the exits were locked to keep people from sneaking in. There were many lights in this theater and one would cause a tragedy nobody would expect.Just then backstage a calcium light started to spark. The area that this light started to spark in was full of fire-fuel. A fire had started in the theater.Pretty soon there was a panic between the performers and the audience as the fire started to spread.

One of the performers Eddie Foy went into the audience and told them not to panic. A curtain was supposed to stop the fire but it was made of paper and didn't go all the way down. The audience started to rush for the exits but only 3 were unlocked. Most of the deaths in that theater were due to crowd-crushing. The audience rushed to the doors pushing people out of the way. 602 people died on this day yet only 571 deaths were due to the fire. 205 people were injured on this day as well. This was a huge tragedy that happened and it won't be forgotten. December 30 1903 was a tragic day but many good things came of it.

There were many requirements to help prevent this from happening again. Buildings with high occupancy are now required to have panic exits devices. They are also required to have an asbestos to be raised before a performance and lowered after. Now all doors in buildings have to be opened in the direction of egress (

Carl Prinzler was an important person that was involved in this event.Carl Prinzler wanted to go to the show but he couldn't. When he found out what happened at the theater he knew he had to do something. He knew a man named Henry H. DuPont and another named Mr.Vonnegut so he called them in. Together they did something amazing.

Along with his partner Henry H. DuPont he invented the panic bar. This was invented to stop a tragedy like the Iroquois Theater Fire from happening again.

Created By
Armando Gonzalez

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