Venita Figueroa Our World Through My Eyes

I use my passion for art and the community to explore my cultural background

Being raised by two very different cultures, I have worked through developing my own personal identity. I use my passion for art and the community to explore my cultural background and the surrounding environment. Through various media, I am finding my own artistic preferences as well as my way of life. I can open my eyes in the real world and allow myself to feel and interpret what I experience.


sculpture; recycled musical instruments, May 2016

My piece Navigation is a sculpture made to represent a figure and the more I worked on it, the more it came to represent aspects of myself. The two middle parts represent the two parts of my family. My mother’s side is larger and at the bottom, because I have lived with her for my whole life and her side of the family had assembled a foundation of essence inside of me and in my piece. My father’s side is represented in the narrow, top part because of my recent and current acceptance of myself in my Dominican family. It’s not about them accepting me as much as it is about me accepting myself into the cultural, language and distance barriers.

The Nature of Motherhood

print; linoleum fiber and ink, December 2016

A representational image based on the relationship I have with my mother and her protective maternal instincts. It symbolizes some of the obstacles and sacrifices a mother must face in order to protect and raise a child.


painting; acrylic on woodblock, November 2015

My journey of self-exploration is much like a wave. My current pushes forward and collapses on itself, forming a new structure.


wood, May 2016.

Standing firmly on the ground and taking a deep breath, I put one foot forward. I march, forming my own path along the way.

With many hearts, we stand united as one

mixed media; collage, January 2017

Sometimes we must question: "What is truly important to us?" What do we hold in high regard; respect and tolerance of diversity, or the continuance to uphold the status quo and be indifferent to change.

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